Our Services

Our Interior Services Include:InteriorI X

  • Set up, (preparing the space, moving and draping furniture,
    wall paper removal and texturing.)

  • Prep (Caulking, patching and priming)

  • Painting (ask about our list of finishes available)

  • Thorough clean up

  • Final inspection and customer approval

Eco-Friendly paints have the same quality and durability as standard paint; the color selection is not as extensive. Eco Friendly paint is typically 20%-25% more expensive than regular paint, but with the extra cost you get a product with no to low odor, natural compounds and durability equal to traditional paints.


houseIOur Exterior Services Include:

    • Pressure Washing

    • Scraping, priming, caulking, sanding and minor maintenance

    • Painting

    • Thorough cleanup daily

    • Final inspection and customer approval

Free Color Consultation Available


Other Services Include:

    • Pressure washing of house, driveways, fences, and decks

    • Treatment of mold and mildew

    • Staining fencing, decking, and siding

    • LogsIII

      Rust removal and repainting iron railing and gates

    • Concrete painting

    • Staining of cabinetry and wood work, Glazing existing cabinetry

    • Faux painting, Metallic finishing

    • Dry wall repair

    • Wallpaper removal

    • Texturing~Orange peel-old world-matching existing

    • Refinishing stained trim

    • Repainting painted cabinetry

    • Distressing and antiquing existing cabinetry

DnB Gail Logo541-926-1338


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